Supply Chain Risk Management

GuardianAngel, an unblinking eye


The logistics of delivering valuable cargo from Point A to Point B is not always that simple. When the stakes are high, there is no room for error.  GuardianAngel is a technology platform capable of integrating and tracking virtually any kind of sensor, allowing for customizable solutions for each mission’s requirement.

Our technology agnostic solution can integrate sensors, such as GSM beacons, Iridium Trackers, cell phone apps, vehicle trackers, AIS sensors, ADS-B sensors, light sensors, tamper sensors, temperature sensors, and more. Our global vessel and aircraft tracking capabilities mean that your assets are never out of reach.

When precise travel requirements for sensitive cargo are necessary for the client, TigerSwan will equip cargo and vehicles with the proper sensors that will immediately detect and report anomalies to the necessary parties. After the safe delivery of the cargo, a report of data evidence will be provided to the client to demonstrate the successful transfer of the cargo throughout the mission. Persistent monitoring of location and shipping metrics is only half of the solution.

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Helping supply chain and security managers solve complex problems is what we do.

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