Hawkeye Enhanced Situational Awareness Platform



Visibility of personnel, key assets and other critical components is important.  With real-time information, decision-makers are able to develop more informed solutions for any event.



The ability to communicate is paramount to any situation.  Often, communications are left to other devices, leaving key information out of the operating picture.

Targeted Notifications


Getting the right information to the right people at the right time is impossible if you A) don't know where they are and B) can't target them with a specific message.  This is no longer a problem.

Integrated Intel


Mapping relevant information regarding emergent events affords managers the ability to quickly notify impacted personnel or more efficiently dispatch the closest response resource.

Common Operating Picture


See what matters, share what's important and keep everyone on the same page.

System Integration


Hawkeye brings all systems into one, integrated platform. Merge camera systems and access control with real-time location of personnel and other key assets to better understand activities around key facilities.