Platform Solutions for Enhanced Situational Awareness

Ops / Intel Fusion

Fusing operations and intelligence into one visualization platform provides personnel with a Common Operating Picture to make decision-making easier and enables more efficient communications.

Through the integration of disparate security systems, incorporation of actionable information and the ability to ingest a myriad of sensor feeds, GuardianAngel improves decision-making and enhances situational awareness across the enterprise.

Emergency Management / Disaster Response

In the face of rapidly-changing conditions, GuardianAngel provides decision makers with the right information to surface insights and make life-saving decisions. 

Enhance Awareness

Supply Chain Security

When high-value assets require 100% visibility, GuardianAngel provides supply chain management the ability to not only monitor and visualize their assets but to respond when something goes awry.  

Enhance Visibility

Campus Safety

GuardianAngel is a full-service campus safety solution that integrates existing security systems to not only meet Duty of Care requirements, but feel confident you are making the best decision for your institution and people. 

Enhance Safety

Platform Channel Partners

An Application for Risk Management

Virtual Bodyguard

Our emergency assistance app provides real time monitoring and pinpointing of your location and provides a direct link to an emergency response center. 

Travel with Confidence

GuardianAngel is your ticket to a safe, alert, and worry-free trip abroad — no matter where you conduct your business or wish to vacation with your family and friends.

100% Confidential, Always

GuardianAngel respects your privacy. The only people we share your information with are first responders in case of an emergency.

The GuardianAngel App

Travel Risk Management

study abroad, travel risk, vacation travel, family trip, business travel

From family vacation or a business trip to study abroad or an away game, GuardianAngel is every traveler's Virtual Bodyguard. The GuardianAngel App connects users to a 24/7 response capability, so help is never out of reach.

Virtual Bodyguard


GuardianAngel helps hospitality properties increase safety for hotel staff and enhance communication across stakeholders.   

Enhance Safety

Remote Workers

Maintain connectivity to emergency response while working in the field or remotely.

Stay Engaged

Available for iOS and Android